Fresh Delivery To The Valley

Freshly Harvested Microgreens Delivered Right To Your Door

Oh My Greens is an INDOOR FARM located in Charleston, WV. We Specialize in Living Foods because of their potent health benefits and DELICIOUS flavor. We pride ourselves on growing some of the highest quality, most nutrient-dense superfoods on earth. Our microgreens are grown using a 100% ORGANIC growing method, and a whole lot of love!

  • I am so thankful for OhMyGreens - it has really inspired our entire family's health journey! I no longer have to sneak vegetables in dishes ... the kids willingly eat them with everything. My husband adds it to literally every meal! The sunflower is my personal favorite and we love stacking the broccoli on sandwiches (my husband even puts it on his morning bagel!). Very pleased with the quality, freshness, and consistency of this company!

  • ".....the next level of yum!"